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Purrfect Parking

The Parking Kitty mobile app makes your parking experience simple, the way it should be.
Park, pay, and be on your way. 


Check out the Parking Kitty video

Extend Time

Need a few extra minutes? No problem. With Parking Kitty, you can extend your session right from your phone up to the maximum time posted.

Get Reminders

 Easily keep track of your time with Parking Kitty. The app will meow to remind you when the session is about to expire.

Fast Payments

Download Parking Kitty, easily sign up, and be on your way in minutes.

Find Your Zone

Look for the Parking Kitty signage at city parking locations. Enter the unique district and zone code displayed into the app and be on your way.


Select Your Stay

Set the amount of time you need. If your meeting or lunch runs late, don't worry. You can extend time up to maximum time posted right from the Parking Kitty app!


You're Parked!

Keep track of your active session and payment details. Set notifications (you will hear the meow) and view history
of your sessions from the side menu. 



Parking Kitty is available throughout the Portland area

How Will Parking
Enforcers Know I Paid?

Transactions made in the app are instantly available to parking enforcement personnel through their wireless handheld devices.

Park. Right. Meow.

Parking Kitty is the easiest way to pay for parking in Portland. Download the app today and
manage parking from your phone! 

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